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Why Choose Liebherr?

For decades, the Liebherr brand has had the mark of quality, reliability and longevity with all of its refrigeration and freezing equipment. Owing its success to its innovative technologies and high-quality materials, you can be sure you will be getting a product synonymous with excellence and dependability.

Thanks to their successful developments, Liebherr's products have become particularly convenient in use and energy-efficient in their use (find more information on new energy ratings here).


Freestanding Refrigeration

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Built In Refrigeration

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Liebherr's Early Roots

As a refrigerator and freezer specialist, Liebherr has been continuously developing innovative products for more than 60 years since its transition into home appliances. 

Hans Liebherr found only 1 of 10 households of the time own their own refrigerator, the motivation he needed to begin production. He released the first range of Liebherr refrigeration products in 1955.

Fast forward to today and Liebherr has developed a strong, trustworthy brand that no other manufacturer beats in terms of loyal, repeat custom.


An early Liebherr advertisement from their entry into refrigeration (left) and their iconic "shop on wheels" displaying their first refrigeration products in the windows whilst touring through Germany (above)


Freshness Technology

BioFresh. The all-rounder.

With Liebherr's proven BioFresh technology, food is stored at a temperature slightly above 0 degrees, significantly cooler than in the rest of the appliance.

With the perfect humidity, fruit and vegetables stay fresh for even longer in the airtight fruit & vegetables safe. Meat, fish and dairy products are in good hands in the meat & dairy safe.

Freshness Technology

Convenience and Freshness with NoFrost.

All NoFrost appliances provide professional-quality refrigeration and reliable long-term freshness to the inside of your machine.

With the perfect humidity, fruit and vegetables stay fresh for even longer in the airtight fruit & vegetables safe. Meat, fish and dairy products are in good hands in the meat & dairy safe.


Freshness Technology

This Spring's Source is in the Fridge.

With the InfinitySpring, Liebherr's water dispenser, comes a crystal clear, cold water source right into the heart of your kitchen. The flush-mounted water dispenser is always there when it is needed and almost invisible when it's not. It is suitable for containers of almost any size, including carafes or bottles. The integrated filter system ensures perfect water quality whilst only needing to be replaced every 6 months.

Freshness Technology

Ice in a Jiffy with a Plumbed Ice Maker

Whether it's chilling your beverages, filling an ice bucket or soothing a bump on your little one's head, you will never be short of ice again.

Liebherr's ice maker generates up to 1.3kg of ice per 24 hours and can hold up to double this. The TwistTray system mechanically dispenses the ice cubes, so the cubes no longer stick together in the collection tray.


Secured Storage with SoftSystem

From breakfast to a midnight snack, a fridge needs to be opened and closed on many occasions; and your Liebherr will make this a lot of fun.

With the SoftSystem close, your fridge door shuts softly and safely, and in a way which is pleasantly quiet and light. Bottles stored in the inside door remain securely in place - nothing rattles or wobbles.


Full Control with Touch and Swipe

Control of your Liebherr at your fingertips; thanks to the Touch & Swipe display, you can operate your refrigerator intuitively and with ease.

Simply select functions such as SuperCool on the colour display by tapping and swiping. The temperature is controlled just as easily. And, what if you are not actively using the display? Well, it then shows you the actual temperature.


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