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Where’s the best place to put a flat screen television?

TVs are getting bigger and bigger but the prices are coming down. This is fantastic for buyers as we’re able to get more bang for our buck.

Once you’ve experienced watching movies, sport and your favourite TV shows on the ‘big’ screen, you’ll find it sooo hard to go back to a smaller one!

But there’s one major issue that comes with buying flat screen televisions that take up so much wall space: where do you put it?

For many of us, the answer is: ‘wherever it will go’.

BUT STOP: you’ve got this great big wonderful television, which will give you an amazing picture quality ONLY as long as it’s in the right position. If you’re too close or too far away, you’re not going to get the best from your lovely new purchase.

So here are some things to consider when buying your new flat screen television:

Smaller 17-27 inch televisions

If you’ve got a 17-28-inch TV can comfortably view this from 1.2m-1.5m away. This makes them ideal for use in kitchens, bedrooms or even bathrooms (please ask for advice on this!).

Other smaller televisions that would suit these rooms:

Medium 32-inch televisions

The 32-inch TVs remain very popular and are perfect for smaller living rooms or bedrooms. The optimal viewing distance is 2.4 meters.

Medium televisions that would suit these rooms:

Medium televisions that would suit a larger room

Large 40-86” inch televisions

These are ideal for a larger room and are best viewed from three metres away. However, these distances will depend on what kind of large TV you have. If you have a 4K Ultra HD television then you’ll be able to sit closer to them and appreciate the good picture. The closest you’re likely to comfortably view a 40 inch 4K Ultra HD TV is 2.5 metres.

Larger televisions that would suit a larger room

TV position in the room

If you can, make sure you’re looking at the television head-on – if you have it at an angle you may lose some picture and colour quality. This is especially important if you’re considering buying a curved screen television – the picture experience is amazing, you’ll just need to make sure it’s straight ahead of you when you’re watching it.