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What is 4K? What is UHD?

(They’re the same thing!) Here’s what you need to know

HD launched around a decade ago. It really was a giant leap forward in terms of picture quality in the home.

More pixels meant a better picture and movies. Sport, television and gaming haven’t been the same since! Did you watch Planet Earth 2? Draw dropping. And that was only broadcast in HD!

Do we really need 4k or UHD?

So if HD is so good why the need for 4k or UHD and what is it anyway? Well, more pixels mean more detail and a better image and that’s exactly what Ultra High Definition (UHD or 4K as it’s also known) is all about.

UHD quadruples the amount of pixels in the image.

Standard HD television = max 1920 vertical columns & 1080 horizontal (1920×1080 pixels)
UHD (4K) = 3840 x 2160 columns (3840 x 2160 pixels)

An easy way to understand it is that the pixels in a HD television would fit into one quarter of a UHD screen!

So with more pixels we get more definition, a crisper, shaper image and greater detail.

UHD (4K) means more people can get bigger tellies!

Larger TVs in the home have been on trend since the birth of HD. UHD is pushing that even further. 65 inch TVs are more affordable than ever and the increase in pixel count means viewing distances have been much reduced.

A 65” HD TV = viewing distance of 246-411cms.
A 65” UHD TV = viewing distance of 165-246cms

Suddenly your viewing experience not only looks better but is much more immersive.

A 4K (UHD) TV means you get watch AMAZING HDR stuff!

HDR adds a bit MORE to your picture. You’re going to want to watch stuff in HDR if you can because it looks stunning. It stands for High Dynamic Range. This is technology combines three images, one with normal lighting, one with underexposure and one with overexposure which gives what you’re watching more contrast. And the effects are incredible!

You can get HDR on other types of television, but to really see the benefits in the picture quality you’ll want to have UHD (aka 4K).

What can I watch in UHD (4K and HDR)?

Even 6 months ago UHD content was hard to come by but it’s rapidly becoming available!

  • Both Amazon and Netflix have Ultra High Definition content available. Netflix has HDR content available to stream and is adding more all the time.
  • Sky and BT both offer UHD covering Sports, Movies and Documentaries.
  • YouTube also has plenty to offer
  • Ultra HD Blu_ray.

Want the best sound and picture? Get Ultra HD Blu ray

Not everyone likes streaming. The physical disc still holds the edge when it comes to quality of sound and vision.

Blu ray discs are collectable, and they also offer a lot of extras that diehard movie buffs aren’t going to want to miss. Blu ray discs are still a firm favourite and won’t be going anywhere soon despite the rise of streaming.

So that’s Ultra High Definition in a nutshell. There’s a lot to come from this technology and we’ve only really covered the basics here. If you need to know anything else please don’t hesitate to ask.

Now what’s the biggest TV my living room will take? Where did I put that tape measure…