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What is an Integrated Fridge Freezer?

What is an Integrated Fridge Freezer?

We have reached a point in the world of interior design where almost anything is possible, and this is especially true when it comes to kitchen appliances.

What does this mean for you when you’re looking to buy a fridge freezer? It means that you truly have a wealth of choice, ranging from freestanding to integrated and the ever increasingly popular frost free fridge freezers.

What Does Integrated Fridge Freezer Mean?

The term integrated when used in this sense simply means hidden inside a cupboard. Completely invisible until the cupboard door is opened to reveal the fridge freezer inside the cabinet.

The alternative to an integrated fridge freezer is a freestanding fridge freezer, which is always visible in the kitchen. Some people feel that having large kitchen appliances on display is ugly, but that’s a matter of opinion, as with most things – it comes down to personal choice and lifestyle.

In order to help you weigh up the options, here are the pros and cons of integrated fridge freezers…

What Are The Pros of Integrated Fridge Freezers?

  1. The kitchen looks more modern and up to date
    With it all being uniform and straight, the design gives the impression of order and precision.
  2. The overall effect is a much tidier looking room
    Which is especially important in open plan living arrangements
  3. Many more manufacturers are designing cabinets to house integrated units
    This creates more choice in styles and designs. Including door handles, LED lighting and so forth.
  4. Having a fully fitted kitchen with integrated units makes a home easier to sell
    Especially if the purchaser is a first time buyer with no furniture etc.
  5. Integrated units give the illusion of space
    Which is very important in small or narrow kitchens where the feeling of being uncluttered helps to hide the lack of working space.

What Are The Cons of Integrated Fridge Freezers?

  1. Integrated fridge freezers use up more energy
    Because they have to use more powerful motors to keep cool (due to the lack of air circulation enjoyed by freestanding fridge freezers). This means integrated fridge freezers are more expensive to run.
  2. They can be harder to install
    This is due to accessibility issues.
  3. Servicing and repairs are more expensive
    because the units are more difficult to access, it can cost more to get them repaired.
  4. You can’t take them with you if you decide to move
  5. Integrated fridge freezers are considerably smaller
    Integrated fridge freezers are smaller than their freestanding counterparts to allow them to be integrated seamlessly. So the storage capacity is always going to be lower on an integrated fridge freezer.
  6. Integrated fridge freezers are comparatively more expensive to buy than freestanding fridge freezers with the same specifications.
  7. Integrated fridge freezers are difficult to move
    If you decide to rearrange your kitchen, it’s a lot of hard work to reposition them.

When deciding whether to buy an integrated fridge freezer or a freestanding model there are many factors to consider. The main arguments for and against are outlined above, but it’s also important to think about the amount of space you have in your kitchen.

Other things to consider are functionality, capacity, environmental factors, lifestyle and value for money. Ultimately the choice is yours but it’s worth remembering once you do buy any fridge freezer you are likely to have it for some considerable time. So choose wisely.

Where to Buy Integrated Fridge Freezers

If you do decide to buy an integrated fridge freezer most electrical retailers stock some. At Stellisons Electrical we have 9 stores based throughout Essex, Suffolk and Kent, and you are welcome to come and have a proper look at our range of integrated fridge freezers (on display in our stores).

Feel free to open doors, check salad boxes, etc. Our staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer as much free advice as you require. We are proud of our guaranteed price match promise, which means we will match the price of any item within our trading area on a like for like basis.

And we also offer an expert installation service – whether it’s plumbing, electrical, or kitchen fitters, we have the skilled staff for the job. Plus, if required, we can also recycle your old product responsibly – giving you a tidy home and peace of mind knowing that your old unit has been recycled in the most environmentally friendly way available.

And don’t forget our free delivery on all major purchases throughout Essex, Suffolk, and Kent!