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What Is A Smart TV?

What Is A Smart TV?

We live in a fast changing world, and technology is constantly improving the way we live. The majority of new TVs are smart TVs, allowing us to get much more than just programs from our TVs.

Just like smart phones, smart TV’s allow you to: stream music, videos, browse the internet and buy all of your favourite products – all from the comfort of your living room.

A smart TV incorporates a computer, a television set, and a set top box – giving you the best of all the internet has to offer.

Are All New TVs Smart?

Most modern TVs are smart TVs, and although you can still buy the older style, why would you? Smart TVs give you conventional channels, plus all the benefits of the internet. Imagine watching your favourite YouTube videos on a 49 inch 4K TV or a 75 inch home cinema system – all with your choices from the world wide web, plus terrestrial TV as well. 

Smart TVs are the future of home entertainment systems and they’re available right now.

Can A Smart TV Be Used Without The Internet?

A smart TV is just like a regular TV, only with added benefits,. To access those benefits you do need to be connected to the internet, but you can still watch a smart TV without being connected – you just won’t be able to get access to all of your favourite online entertainment, unless you get an internet connection.

Do Smart TVs Have Apps?

The majority of smart TVs have some apps pre-installed including some of the most popular like: Amazon Prime, Netflix, iPlayer, ITV hub, Twitter and Facebook. Plus, many others can be added by using the app store.

So you can catch up on your favourite soaps and keep in touch with your friends and colleagues at the same time.

Can Laptops And Mobile Phones Connect To Smart TV?

Some smart TVs allow you to connect to your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet to watch videos etc. on the big screen. This is called streaming or casting and some smart TVs even allow your phone to control the TV too. Meaning you’ll never lose the remote again! 

Please check with the appliance store whether the TV has casting abilities before purchasing.

Are All Smart TVs The Same?

When buying a smart TV, you need to get smart yourself. There are massive differences in both features and price of smart TVs on the market. So you need to do some research and look into what you are looking for.

Like all TVs, you need to look at sound and picture quality as well as how well the operating system works. Some are easier to use, some are faster loading, while some are even voice activated. The choice is yours, but we guarantee once you switch to a smart TV, you’ll never look back.