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What Are Small Kitchen Appliances?

What Are Small Kitchen Appliances?
What Are Small Kitchen Appliances?

Put simply, any electrical kitchen appliance that’s not too big to move is a small kitchen appliance. 

The electric kettle that makes our first cup of tea in the morning, the toaster that cooks our toast exactly the way we like it, the iron that keeps our clothes crease free etc. are all considered small kitchen appliances.

It can often seem like the list of small kitchen appliances gets bigger and bigger every year, from the latest “must have” gadgets to the well meaning, but unnecessary gifts – we all usually end up with way more appliances than we need (or use!)

In this article, we’re going to advise on which small kitchen appliances we feel are necessary to the modern home and give a rough guide on how to organise them.

What Small Kitchen Appliances Do I Need?

Every home should have a good kettle, they’re easy to use, save time, mess free, safe and stylish. Kettles come in a range of colours and designs to suit every type of kitchen.

To save time in our busy lives a toaster is another must have appliance. Nobody wants to waste time in the morning watching toast cook and with a toaster, you don’t have to. With a wide range of functions available, including 2 slices, 4 slices, varying slice thicknesses, bagels, buns, defrost, and reheat – a toaster is a very useful appliance to have.

Another useful kitchen appliance is a blender. Blenders have many uses, from making smoothies to crushing ice – in fact blenders can do most of the functions that food processors can do (albeit on a smaller scale), apart from kneading dough.

If you do a lot of home baking, then you’re going to need a food processor or mixer. A mixer is great for making bread, cakes, biscuits and many other tasks home baking requires.

Maybe you like fresh fruit juice to start your day, if so you need a juicer. Juicers come in a range of colours to match your other small kitchen appliances.

If you’re a coffee aficionado, you’re going to need a coffee machine. Whichever type of coffee you prefer we have a machine to make it. Espresso, cappuccino, filtered coffee, you name it – the coffee machine can make it.

These are the most common small kitchen appliances and no kitchen is complete without them.

How to Organise Small Kitchen Appliances

It’s all about usage really, and that comes down to individual choice. If for instance you can’t start the day without fresh coffee, then your coffee machine needs to be easily accessible. Maybe tea’s your waker upper, in which case it’s the kettle that needs to be prominent.

You know your own habits and which appliances you use regularly, these are the ones that should be on constant display in the kitchen. Others that are only used occasionally should be stored in a cupboard tidily with the power cord wrapped around the appliance for safety.

Where to Buy Small Kitchen Appliances

There are many electrical retailers on the high street and online, and finding the right appliance at the best price can be hard work. Here at Stellisons Electrical, you will find all the small kitchen appliances you could ever need at the lowest possible price.

We have stores all across Essex, Suffolk and Kent that you can visit and have a good physical  browse through the items we sell. This allows you to actually get the feel of the products and see whether they’ll fit in with your kitchen design and lifestyle.

All Stellisons products come with our price match promise, which means you never have to worry about finding your appliance cheaper elsewhere. What’s more, we also offer free home delivery throughout our entire service area and offer some of the most competitive rates on installation and recycling.

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